Rogaining-harjoitus 6.8.

Rogaining-harjoitus (2h) Hyvinkään iltarastien yhteydessä Nurmijärven Herusissa to 6.8.15. Kartanmyynti aukeaa klo 16.30 ja maastoon voi lähteä oman valinnan mukaan 16.30-18. Aika otetaan emit-kortilla. Osallistumismaksu 6e/hlö. Maasto pääosin nopeaa kangasmaastoa. Lisätietoa

14WRC2016 Broadcast to non-ANZ Rogainers

2016 sees the return of the World Rogaining Championships (WRC) to Australia, the ancestral home of rogaining. This will be an opportunity for international rogainers to test themselves on complex semi-arid terrain that has not been used for a WRC since 1996. Entries will be restricted to 800 people (not teams) and maximum team size will be three.

Entries for Phase One will open on 23 October 2015, at 00:00 hours GMT, and will close two weeks later at 24:00 hours GMT on 5 November. Phase One entrants will have higher priority than those who enter later. If you want to compete in the event make sure you apply for entry during Phase One!

14WRC2016 Broadcast to non-ANZ Rogainers

Rogaining is team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and enjoying