Euroopanmestaruuskilpailujen ilmoittautuminen on käynnissä

logo1-e1383318482483 Euroopanmestaruuskilpailut käydään tänä vuonna Etelä-Virossa. Ilmoittautuminen on ollut jo hyvän aikaa käynnissä ja toinen maksuporras on 31.3.2014.

7.–8. June 2014
Course: 24 hours rogaining
Start: Saturday, 12:00 on June 7th 2014
Finish: Sunday, 12:00 on June 8th 2014
Sunset (7th June): 22:01
Sunrise (8th June): 4:16

Entry fee (per competitor)

General registration (with payment up to 31.03.2014)
Open, Veteran, Super Veteran — 65 €
Ultra Veteran, Junior — 45 €

Last chance registration (with payment up to 20.05.2014)
Open, Veteran, Super Veteran — 79 €
Ultra Veteran, Junior — 59 €

Entry and payment must be made before last registration deadline – 20.05.2014.
The entry fee covers participation in the competition, rogaining map and course
planning maps, number bibs, catering during the race, parking and tenting in the
event center, and awards for the best teams.

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